The Market Prospect Of Plastic Corrugated Pipe

- Nov 13, 2017-

From the prospect of plastic corrugated pipe market, plastic corrugated pipe market is full of huge business opportunities, corrugated pipe after nearly 30 years of development, in equipment, molding technology, technology, special materials, etc. have been rapidly launched. Over the past few years plastic corrugated pipe gradually to the direction of large-caliber development, the domestic largest has been able to do 1200.

The material used is also from PVC to PE, PP, plastic corrugated pipe production line equipment from scratch, the current number of domestic equipment factory has produced a diameter of up to 1200mm of plastic corrugated pipe production line. Since the beginning of the 90, China has introduced the production of this type of pipe, starting with the first 110 small-caliber series, the first material is PVC, primarily used as communication cable casing.