Performance Characteristics Of Plastic Corrugated Pipe

- Nov 13, 2017-

1. Rigid and flexible, with sufficient mechanical properties at the same time, with excellent flexibility.

2. Compared with the plate tube, the unit length of the plastic corrugated pipe has a light weight, materials, energy-saving, low price.

3. Strong chemical resistance and can withstand the influence of acid and alkali in ambient environment.

4. Corrugated shape can strengthen the load resistance of the pipeline to the surrounding environment, without increasing its curvature, in order to continuously lay on uneven objects.

5. Convenient interface and good sealing performance, easy to carry, ease of installation, reduce labor intensity, shorten the duration.

6. The use of wide temperature range, flame-retardant, self quenching, the use of safety.

7. The electrical insulation performance is good, is the wire sheath ideal material.