Nylon Tie Can Be Repeated

- Nov 13, 2017-

The use of nylon tie in our life can be said to bring a great convenience, not only things small not take up the place, carrying convenient, but also strong, strong binding, practicality is very good.

Nylon ties can only be used for one-time, but the same also has a repeatable use, mainly to see how these nylon tie is designed, the reusable nylon tie is mainly self-locking, including the belt body, the belt with the teeth on the body, the buckle in the front of the belt, the buckle in the buckle, and the retaining block at the upper end of the tooth, Block side with buckle connected, buckle gear equipment in the end of the belt buckle, the use of this nylon tie belt, the belt on the body with the teeth through the buckle, the use of buckle teeth to achieve the purpose of tying.

After use, if you need to use again, you can pull the block on the end of the buckle up, will be placed in the belt buckle in the end of the pull, because the other end of the belt buckle with the body to adapt to the hole, you can easily back to pull the belt, play the double use of the tie, save resources, to avoid environmental pollution.