Installation Of Plastic Expansion Pipe

- Nov 13, 2017-

When installing expansion tube, first of all, the size of plastic expansion tube to understand, according to the size of the length of the same drill precast hole (with electric tools open wall hole) size and expansion tube diameter of one to, length should be longer than the total length of the expansion tube 5mm-7mm, and then with the internal diameter to support the corresponding screws, such as M8 expansion tube, the inner diameter entrance is 6, The more you go in, the smaller you are, because the base material depends, if the concrete installation, with 5mm expansion tube can be firmly installed, if used in the brick and other hardness of the wall base material, should be selected 6mm of the self tapping screws supporting installation, the length of the screw is the total length of the expansion tube and the need to hang the thickness of the +5mm.