How To Distinguish The Quality Of Banding Belt

- Nov 13, 2017-

Strapping the quality of good or bad, to see the packing belt of polypropylene high purity, the current market on a variety of packaging belt: There are pure polypropylene, polypropylene masterbatch, polypropylene plus recycled materials, polypropylene plus recycled materials and masterbatch.

Pure Polypropylene Production packaging belt full transparent state, polypropylene and masterbatch production of packaging to translucent state, polypropylene plus recycled material Production Packaging belt is basically opaque, polypropylene plus masterbatch and recycled material Production packaging belt is completely opaque.

There is also a fully recycled material and calcium carbonate powder sandwich material Production Packaging belt, complete recycled material production packaging belt is relatively soft, the core material of the tape only surface is raw materials, the rest are calcium carbonate powder (lime powder).