Causes Of Heating Of Cable Connectors

- Nov 13, 2017-

Some electrical installation construction personnel in laying wires, often do not pay attention to the installation of quality: the casing shall not be installed at the insulating casing, and the junction box shall not be installed in the place where the junction box should be used; even at the wire joints is not the use of splicing methods, but the use of illegal bending hook connection method, this kind of curved hook-like connection method of contact resistance is very large, The continuous heating, will make the nearby plank gradually dry, carbonization, finally occurred burning, causing fire.

The heating of the wire connection will not only cause a lot of power loss, and will seriously affect the normal work of electrical equipment, light line work current increased, electrical equipment life shortened, heavy will suddenly interrupted the ongoing production, scientific research, medical operations and other activities, but also lead to fire and electric shock accidents, and so on, resulting in incalculable loss.