Production technology of plastic expansion pipe

- Nov 13, 2017-

1. One-time vertical balance will be drilled into the prefabricated hole, to avoid repeated drilling the same eyelet.

2. Cleaning hole, cleaning can be blown by wind, or clear water, with hair sweep, etc., to remove the residue left during the hole, in order to reduce the dust caused by the expansion of the tube sliding, to increase friction.

3. Avoid repeated use of holes and expansion tubes, repeated use of the hole in the expansion tube before expansion due to expansion, and protection Zhang, multiple use of the same hole, easy to cause sliding, multiple use of the same expansion tube, will cause expansion of the tube rupture, deformation, easy to cause screw bias, fastening force is poor phenomenon.

4. Novice installation, you can choose the wall thickness of a relatively thick expansion tube, in order to avoid the installation of damage and installation of the phenomenon.